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Revival Homebuyer

1607 W Cleveland Street, Suite 101

Tampa, FL 33606

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1. We care about helping people.

Whatever issue you are facing, whatever your reason is for selling, we make that our problem to solve. If you need to close tomorrow, we can do that. If you need a month or 2 or more to close, we can do that. If you need help with any part of the process, including difficult problems that require a real estate attorney, we can provide that. If you want to leave unwanted items behind at the property, its no problem to us. If you have a problem tenant or squatter living in your property, we will buy the property and take that problem off your hands. Whatever issue your facing, that is our main priority when buying your house. 

2. We are super easy to work with.

We are honest, reliable, and fair. We take this very seriously. We pride ourselves on keeping things simple, being strait shooters, and always doing the right thing. We make the process really simple and hassle free for you, and have a 100% satisfaction rate with the people we have bought houses from. We are really confident you will not find an easier group to sell to.

3. We are local, with a lot of experience.

We are small enough to be able to provide you with direct access to the ownership group, to give you a personalized and streamlined experience. We have collaboratively bought over 1000 properties in the Tampa Bay area over the last 12 years.